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Laser scanning involves the collection of millions of accurate points from a single scan position. By ‘conventional surveying’ we refer to total station (TS) or GPS surveys where typically one or two operators are required to record individual points. Some of the advantages – from our point of view – of the scanning technique (also referred to as Terrestrial LiDAR) are:

Cardiff Bay є прекрасним місцем, для сканування багатьох різноманітних історичних і сучасних будівель. Ми використали це для тесту нашого сканера і почали з Pierhead Building. Ця будівля була побудована у 1897 році, як штаб-квартира Bute Dock Company і залишається однією з найвидовищних споруд у затоці, через ії багаті теракотові елементи. Наведені нижче приклади були отримані за допомогою лазерного сканера GLS-2000, який використовувався у "детальному" режимі з опцією вибора площі сканування з відеозображення бортового кольорового екрана.

Earlier this week we teamed up with Topcon Europe’s scanning specialists who brought their pre-production Topcon GLS-2000 laser scanner to South Wales for some field testing and feedback. Having seen the official specs at the launch in Intergeo, we were keen to test out its capabilities for real on some familiar test sites. First off we visited the Museum of Welsh Life in St. Fagans to scan St. Teilo’s Church, an excellent example of a heritage project. The following day we went the short distance from our offices to Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay to test out different scan modes and range.

After several months using a pre-production Topcon GLS-2000 laser scanner, we now have a full production model and have used it on a couple of medium-sized projects already, as well as some interesting tests. As the hardware for collecting large clouds of point data become more and more similar, the focus (pardon the pun) is shifted onto what one actually does with the data. Our next post will look at one of the big challenges with point data – vegetation removal in densely wooded areas.

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