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TOPCON X35 Console (TPA AM)

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Robust and Intuitive Control, Tillage Through Harvest

The X35 is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and easy-to-upgrade as your needs grow. Coupled with Topcon guidance, sensing and control, and connectivity solutions, it sets the bar for precision agriculture interfaces.

It’s easy to get the support you need. Utilizing the new Remote Support Tool, technicians can take full-control and fix issues remotely. Now native within Topcon Horizon Software, the tool operates as fluidly as having a support representative in-cab.

Just like the modularity and flexibility of the greater Topcon Agriculture portfolio, the X35 can now replicate feature views/windows on virtually any mobile device. Boost efficiency by allowing calibration outside the cab and increasing visibility and control through additional, dedicated views in-cab.

Features Include:

  • 12.1in color touchscreen display;
  • Topcon Horizon Software embedded;
  • New Remote Support Tool, allowing technicians to remotely diagnose and fix issues;
  • Horizon XTEND displays any view/window on virtually any mobile device;
  • Data transfer through Topcon Mobile AG Network cloud based solution;
  • GNSS standard when tied with SGR-1/AGI-4 Receivers;
  • Auto section control (ASC) up to 200 sections via ISOBUS;
  • Variable rate control (VRC) up to 8 products;
  • ISOBUS features UT, TC-BAS, TC-GEO and TC-SC;
  • Up to 6 cameras, directly connected through X35.

Kit includes:

  • 1006151-01 – Note, Harnessing X25/X35
  • 1007179-01 – Lbl, X35 Tpa Am Console Packing
  • 1007180-01 – X35 Packing Crate & Inserts
  • 1007181-01 – Manuals, Usb, X23/X25/X35
  • 1007183-01 – X35 Quickstart Guide
  • 1007184-01 – Mnl, Operators X35 Guidance & Auto Steer
  • 1007187-01 – X35 Console Tpa Am With Sw
  • AGW289 – Warranty Card, Ag Universal
  • B103 – Double Ball Socket Arm Assy 6” Length
  • B106 – Ram W/2 U-Bolt For 3/4-1 1/4 Zynx Mnt

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X35 is perfect for:

  • Guidance 
  • Autosteering 
  • Seeding & Planting 
  • Spraying & Spreading 
  • Crop Sensing 
  • Harvest 
  • Connectivity/Data Management 
  • Water Conservation