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Manual guidance to autosteering. ISOBUS functionality to native Topcon spray control. 

Designed as a low cost ISOBUS guidance display, the X23 still comes standard with Topcon Horizon software, featuring the same easy-to-use farmer-friendly on-screen navigation menus, drag-and-drop mini-views and user configurable dashboard as its bigger siblings, the X25 and X35.

The X23 is a refined X25 and offers a restricted feature-set. Specifically, the X23 is geared toward guidance and connectivity utilizing ISOBUS 11783 Universal Terminal (UT) functionality and is not equipped with Topcon proprietary features beyond spraying control, excluding seeding control, crop health sensing and yield monitoring. Only available in EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific) and select area of LATAM (Latin America).

Features Include:

  • 8.4in color touchscreen;
  • Topcon Horizon Software embedded;
  • ISOBUS Features UT, FS, TC-BASS, TC-GEO and TC-SC;
  • Auto Section Control up to 10 sections via CAN;
  • Variable Rate Control up to 1 product.

Kit includes:

  • 005259-01 – Guide, X23/X25 Quickstart
  • 1005260-01 – Sheet, X23/X25 Quick Setup
  • 1006151-01 – Note, Harnessing X25/X35
  • 1007181-01 – Manuals, Usb, X23/X25/X35
  • 1024885-01 – Lbl, X23 Am Console, Pkg
  • 1024889-01 – X23, Am Console W/Software
  • 1025091-01 – Mnl, Operators X23 Guidance & Auto Steer
  • AGW289 – Warranty Card, Ag Universal
  • AGZ323 – X25 Packing Crate And Inserts
  • B103 – Double Ball Socket Arm Assy 6” Length
  • B106 – Ram W/2 U-Bolt For 3/4-1 1/4 Zynx Mnt

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