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Nivel System CL3D-G Laser Crossliner

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Laser level Nivel System CL3D-G

Laser level Nivel System CL3D-G. Equipment sets on the wall perfectly levelled reference lines (horizontal and vertical), which support all the finishing works, general construction works. Laser has 3 laser heads, so you have the opportunity to work with three laser planes - in the range of 360° each. Simultaneous display of planes lets you control the angle, which is useful, for example in the tiling works. While blocking the instrument compensator the instrument can be tilted and display diagonal lines. Built in 1/4" threads allow safe and stable mounting of the instrument on the tripod and on the shelf. Heavy duty elements of the laser housing, protect against damage, due to bumps and shocks.

  • accurate and reliable equipment - a clear laser beam ensures comfortable working in all conditions, the equipment allows you to work with a high accuracy of ± 1mm/5m;
  • even greater range - pulse function allows you to work with laser sensor outdoors at large distances;
  • display accurate beam - light, green laser beam and high-quality optics generate lines that are highly visible;
  • versatility and multitasking - 3 laser planes (360°), control construction works in 3D;
  • intuitive operation - one-touch control - turn on and measure;
  • fast levelling - built-in magnetic compensator quickly level thelaser, dampens vibrations.


The equipment allows you to work with horizontal and vertical beams.

3 planes can be displayed all together.


The equipment is resistant to dust and water (IP54). Moreover, the laser housing has been strengthened, making it durable. The equipment preform well in difficult conditions at the site.


CL3D-G has an intuitive control panel. Functions Management including the precision fitting of the beam is performed quickly and efficiently. The laser is powered by a 4xAA batteries. The entire set is complement by compact housing, making the laser handy, easy to install on site and transport.

Set includes:

  • CL3D-G cross laser;
  • Laser target;
  • Laser adapter CL-BR;
  • Batteries;
  • Carrying case.

Data sheet

Laser crossliner
Color laser level
Class laser level
±1mm by 5 meters
Range of compensator level
Type of power level
3 AA batteries
Number of diodes
3 diods
Number of areas
1 horizontal (360 °), 2 verticals (360 °)
IP 54
Operating temperatures
From -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
0,8 kg

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Short specifications

  • Type of device - laser;
  • Laser - 2 class;
  • Color Laser - Green;
  • Accuracy - ± 1 mm at 5 meters;
  • Number of diodes - 3 diodes;
  • Laser points - no;
  • Operating temperatures - From -10°C to + 50°C;
  • Protection - IP54;
  • Weight - 0.8 kg;
  • Warranty period - 12 months.