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Nivel System CL8G laser level

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Laser level Nivel System CL8G

Cross Multilaser Nivel System CL8G is one of the most precise lasers, replacing bubble level or classic leveling in most of the construction works. It allows to set the horizontal and vertical reference lines on the wall, which can be used as a reference at any general building and construction works. Hardware determines 3 laser planes: 2 vertical and one horizontal (360° each). Simultaneous display of vertical and horizontal beams allows to determine the 90° angle. Tangent screw provide a vertical beam fitting even in precise finishing works (tile works, stucco). The laser was built on the basis of electronic compensator, which eliminates vibration and ensures a precise leveling of laser plane. Rechargebale battery power provides economical equipment recharging at no additional cost connected with the purchasing of alkaline batteries. Reinforced, rubber casing of elements of the laser protect, against damage from the impact and abrasions.

  • accurate and reliable equipment - a clear laser beam ensures comfortable working in all conditions, the equipment allows you to work with a high accuracy of ± 1 mm/10 m;
  • accurate beam display - green laser beam (4- times better visible than red) and high-quality optics generate lines that are visible even in direct sunlight spaces;
  • versatility and multitasking - 3 laser planes (360°) can be displayed separately or all together. Horizontal scaled circle and micrometer provide precise fitting of the laser beam;
  • intuitive operation - one-touch control - turn on and measure;
  • fast leveling - built-in electronic compensator quickly level, the laser, dampens vibrations, provides comfort to users even on unstable surface.

The laser system is based on the electronic compensator, it eliminates vibration and ensures precise leveling of laser plane. Electronic compensator, compared with a magnetic one is much more accurate, especially in the case of works where the terrain may, vibrate for example due to heavy machinery work (in any other case, the laser beam will be undulating /vibrating, hindering the work). Therefore, thanks to CL8G we obtain reliable and accurate measurements. The equipment is resistant to dust and water. In addition, the glass elements of the body were covered by rubber shields, protecting against damage, due to impact.

CL8G has an intuitive control panel. Functions management, including the precision fitting of the beam is performed quickly and efficiently. The laser is powered by a rechargebale battery, which eliminates the extra costs associated with buying alkaline batteries. The entire laser is complemented by compact housing, making the laser handy, easy to install on site and in transport.

Set includes:

  • Cross laser CL8G;
  • Surveying tripod adapter;
  • Laser plate;
  • Laser glasses;
  • Battery;
  • Charger;
  • Carrying case.

Data sheet

Type of level
Color laser level
Class laser level
±0. mm at 5 meters
Range of compensator level
Type of power level
3.7V 5400mAh
Number of areas
1 horizontal (360 °), 2 verticals (360 °)
Laser dots
1 (down)
IP 54
Operating temperatures
from -10 ° C to + 45 ° C
1,8 kg

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Short specifications

  • Type of device - laser;
  • Laser - 2 class;
  • Color Laser - Green;
  • Accuracy - ±0.5 mm at 5 meters;
  • Number of areas - 1 horizontal (360°), 2 vertical (360°);
  • Laser points - 1 (down);
  • Operating temperatures - From -10° C to + 45°C;
  • Protection - IP 54;
  • Weight - 1.8 kg;
  • Warranty period - 12 months.