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ROM eSTEAM Smoke generator

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    Official product
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    Delivery in Ukraine

Easily identifies leaks in pipes, tanks, ventilation quickly solves odor problems without excavation and destruction of the coating.

Some features:

  • Detection of leaks and damage in the central sewer system, heating, smoke and ventilation;
  • channels and small house pipes;
  • Get information about the direction of the sewer pipe;
  • Determine illegal connection to the city sewer;
  • Control of dry sprinkler lines, air flow in ventilation/air ducts and ventilation outlets;
  • Check seals for pipes, roofs, etc.

The smoke generator ROM eSTEAM is equipped with standard features:

  • Many advanced features;
  • 6 meter synthetic hose (Ø 50 mm);
  • 2.6 liters liquid smoke.

ROM eSTEAM is suitable for professional use and multi-functional use. Thanks to high-quality technology, you always have the optimum amount and density of smoke for a perfect test. The amount of smoke is very precisely regulated and, suitable for any situation.

Thanks to advanced technology, the smoke machine always generates high-quality, dense, constant and dry smoke. The unique temperature control of the heat exchanger ensures that the smoke generated is consistently of high quality. Intelligent digital control electronics precisely control the process of evaporation of smoke fluid and adjust it when necessary.

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