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TOPCON DL-501 digital level

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Electronic leveling TOPCON DL-501

TOPCON DL-501 is a fast and accurate leveling tool. This model is designed for accurate surveying. The electronic level TOPCON DL-501 allows you to perform leveling in extremely difficult lighting conditions (20 lux) and off-road, in conditions of poor visibility. Magnetic compensator ensures the stability of the device in areas prone to vibration. The RAB Code function makes it possible to measure in the reverse position. This feature makes it much easier to measure the height of ceilings, bridges, tunnels, road signs and other elements.

Accuracy and speed of measurements:

With good optics, the 32x level is capable of providing 1.0 mm accuracy per 1 km of double stroke and can be used for the whole range of construction tasks.

The image in the telescope is bright and clear:

Auto focus and Wiev founder for fast targeting saves up to 40% compared to manual focusing, which makes it one of the fastest - 2.5 seconds per measurement.

Resistance to vibrations and vibrations:

The built-in magnetic compensator automatically aligns the tool and, therefore, simplifies work in places with unstable and vibrating surfaces (for example, construction sites with working heavy machinery).

Easy to use:

Reading the height, distance and data storage is possible with a single button.

Compact design:

The compact and lightweight metal casing is protected against environmental influences according to the IP54 standard, which makes it possible to use the tool in all weather conditions.

Stable and reliable equipment:

The reliable design and high-quality component parts of the level ensure uninterrupted operation even in harsh conditions.

Minimize errors:

"Wave-and-read" minimizes errors that occur when a rail vibrates.

Built-in memory and data transfer to a computer:

Internal memory for 10,000 measurements, and connecting to a computer via USB and SD / SDHC card.

Without breaks in work:

The battery lasts up to 14 hours.

Standard equipment:

  • Electronic level DL-501;
  • Rechargeable battery BDC70;
  • Charger CDC68A;
  • Power cable;
  • Hexagon for alignment;
  • Protective case;
  • Cleaning cloth for optics;
  • Shoulder strap;
  • User's Manual;
  • Case for transportation.

Data sheet

Type of level
Digital level
Telescope length level
280 mm
Level zoom
Lens diameter level
45 mm
Image type
Field of view level
1° 20'
Minimum focusing distance
1,5 m
Leveling accuracy
± 1.0 mm
Type of compensator
Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system
Memory (built-in)
10000 points
RS232 port
Backlit LCD
Memory (removable)
SD card
Accuracy compensator level
Range of compensator level
Type of power level
BDC70, Li-lon 5240 mAh
Level operating temperature
-20°C - +50°C
IP 54

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Short specifications

  • Type of level - Electronic;
  • Telescope length - 280 mm;
  • Optical Zoom - 32x;
  • Lens Diameter - 45 mm;
  • Image type - Direct;
  • Leveling accuracy - ±1.0 mm;
  • Work time - 16 hours;
  • Memory (built-in) - 10000 points;
  • Memory (changeable) - SD card;
  • Bluetooth - Yes;
  • USB - Yes;
  • Protection - IP 54;
  • Warranty period - 12 months.