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GeoSLAM ZEB-HORIZON (Bronze) Laser 3D scanner

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ZEB HORIZON - your tool for collecting, processing and analyzing data from the world around you in 3D.

The manual scanning system ZEB-HORIZON is a new unique development by GeoSlam. ZEB-HORIZON allows you to scan many objects (buildings, structures) or internal premises in a short period. Scanning range up to 100 m allows using the ZEB-HORIZON hand-held scanner in open areas, and its lightweight and compact design allows you to shoot in hard-to-reach places. SLAM scanning data processing technology allows you to perform work in places where there is no reception of satellite signals, for example, in underground workings or to perform indoor scanning.

To start the work, the operator simply turn on and configure the system to start work. After that it is necessary to move on foot both outside and inside the premises. As a result of the manual scanning system ZEB-HORIZON, a three-dimensional survey is obtained, in the form of a cloud of points with three-dimensional coordinates, i.e. Three-dimensional copy of all objects visible from the scanning path. This technology allows us to significantly accelerate the shooting both outside and inside the premises to create topographic and floor plans, collect data for geographic information systems, etc.

  • ZEB-HORIZON can be installed on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will allow scanning from the air;
  • For shooting inaccessible places, ZEB-HORIZON can be mounted on a retractable pole or overhead frame;
  • A complete solution kit fits in a backpack for easy transport and use;
  • Easy to scan in open space and indoors;
  • It is possible to build a highly accurate 3D model in a few minutes;
  • 300,000 dots per second with an accuracy of 1-3 cm.

The complete set of the GeoSlam ZEB-HORIZON system includes:

  • Scanning System ZEB-HORIZON;
  • ZEB-HORIZON data collector (including battery);
  • Main cable ZEB-HORIZON;
  • USB3 drive;
  • GeoSLAM Hub Software License Key;
  • Shoulder strap (length 1.5 m);
  • 14.8 V charger;
  • Backpack ZEB-HORIZON;
  • Technical support "Bronze" for the software for the first 12 months.

Technical support "Bronze" includes:

  • Option to extend the warranty at the place of purchase;
  • Ownership may be transferred;
  • Online data binding and processing support (every 48 hours);
  • Direct support for GeoSLAM (Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT);
  • Minor software updates.

Data sheet

Laser scanner type
Handheld scanner
Scanner laser
Class 1
Scanner FOV
H - 270º, V - 360º
Scanner camera
Scan range
Up to 100 meters
Scan accuracy
1-3 cm
Scan speed
Up to 300 000 points/sec
Scanning control
One button
Scan in motion
Scanner operating temperatures
From -0ºC to 50ºC
Scanner protection
Scanner battery life
3.5 hours
Scanner weight
1.5 kg
Scanner warranty
12 months

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  • Type of laser scanner - handheld scanner;
  • Accuracy - 1-3 cm;
  • Scanning range - up to 100 meters;
  • Scanning speed - up to 300 000 p/s.