HiPer VR options

HiPer VR (226 CH ALL SIG 10Hz RADIO+LL RTK) option activation

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Option Authorization File (OAF)

Topcon Positioning Systems issues an Option Authorization File (OAF) to enable the specific options that customers purchase. An Option Authorization File allows customers to customize and configure the receiver according to particular needs, thus only purchasing those options needed.

Typically, all receivers ship with a temporary OAF that allows it to be used for a predetermined period of time. When the receiver is purchased, a new OAF permanently activates the desired, purchased options. Receiver options remain intact when clearing the NVRAM or resetting the receiver.

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Software activation features:

  • Receiving GPS signals
  • Receiving GLONASS signals
  • Receiving GALILEO signals
  • Receiving BEIDOU signals
  • GNSS data frequency - 10 Hz
  • RTK mode from base station networks
  • Long Link RTK mode
  • Radio RTK mode