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Nivel System HDM-9 Laser Distance Meter

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Nivel System HDM-9 Laser Distance Metersr - Accuracy and Functionality

The Nivel System laser distance meters series is ideal for measurements at all stages of construction work. This is the group of the best measuring instruments on the market at this price. Due to their functionality, rangefinders provide accurate and quick determination of length. They allow you to accurately measure distances and do a lot of calculations based on them. A red, translucent laser dot makes it easier to aim objects. A large screen is used to read the current measurement and calculation results. The software and memory for the last 100 values ​​make measurements simple, fast and reliable.

  • Fast, accurate and reliable measurements - accuracy ± 2.0 mm, measurements inside buildings and outdoors.
  • State-of-the-art processor for fast and accurate measurements.
  • Great measurement capabilities with the ability to record up to 100 values ​​- rangefinder software allows you to measure distances and make calculations based on them (for example, addition, subtraction, surface area, volume).
  • Measurement in inaccessible places - the Pythagorean function allows indirect measurements of height or width
  • Additional special functions are the “Painter” function, which allows you to calculate the area of ​​the selected walls, continuous measurement, min function. - max., delayed measurement, calibration function - all that can be used by construction workers.
  • Work from the edge - measurements can be made from the front or bottom of the range finder (for measurements in corners).
  • Clear information - the most important measurement data is displayed on the large backlight screen.
  • Easy to use - measurement takes place at the touch of a button, and shortcut keys speed up access to the most frequently used functions.
  • Small and convenient - the rangefinder fits into your pocket, the convenient case provides reliable grip with the hand.
  • Safe use for many years - resistant to difficult conditions at the construction site

Contents of delivery

  • Laser rangefinder;
  • Wrist strap;
  • Case;
  • Batteries.

Data sheet

Measuring range
90 m
Distance accuracy
± 2 mm
100 measurements
Power type
2 AAA batteries  
Pythagorean measurements
Measurement timer
Tilt sensor
Data transfer
Working temperatures
0 ° C to +40 ° C
132 g

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Short specifications

  • Accuracy - ± 2.0mm;
  • Range - 90 m;
  • Power Supply - 2 AAA batteries;
  • Operating time - 5000 measurements;
  • Protection class - IP 54;
  • Operating temperatures - 0°С - + 40°C.