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Mantis F6 SR 3D Scanner

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The F6 SR is designed especially for ultra-accurate fast scanning of highly detailed small objects, positioned in close proximity. Based on a patented algorithm of innovative encoding, F6 SR provides excellent quality of data, making it the ultimate choice for rapid scanning.

Data sheet

Optical scanner accuracy
up to 0.1mm
Optical scanner noise level
less than 0.25 mm
Eye saferty
Class 1
Optical scanner lighting conditions
From complete darkness to daylight
Optical scanner angular field of view
54˚ X 68˚
Color camera resolution
1.3 MPix
Optical scanner video frame rate
Data acquisition speed
up to 640,000 points/sec
Optical scanner demensions
32 X 12 X 4.5 cm
Optical scanner weight
1 Kg
Optical scanner working temperature
5˚C to 50˚C
Optical scanner depth of field
0.25-0.75 m
Optical scanner field of view @ 0.25m
245X345 mm
Optical scanner field of view @ 0.75m
735X1030 mm

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(Short Range)

A superb 3D volumetric handheld scanner for highly detailed scans of minimal size objects.