Edding 750 Paint Marker White

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Edding 750 Paint Marker White

Lacquer marker with opaque pigment ink provides an opaque dense coating.

The body of the Edding marker is made of durable aluminum. The Edding 750 has a durable round tip.

Universal marker Edding is designed for inscription in industrial conditions. Line width: 2-4 mm.

It is used for writing on greasy, dusty, dirty surfaces. Resistant to acids, solvents, mechanical abrasion. Edding ink contains a high concentration of pigment, which allows them to fit well on smooth and rough surfaces. Special additives introduced into the Edding 750 marker dissolve the oil film on the surface of the sheet. Opaque lacquer inks allow you to make clearly visible inscriptions thick dense layer, even on dark surfaces.

Industrial varnish marker Edding 750 can also be used as a universal, for example, when applying labels on dissimilar materials. When marking products from rubber, plastic, glass, metal, cable, wires, when marking goods, there is no need to use different markers, you can do with one - Edding 750.

In addition, the Edding 750 marker is widely used for decorative works by designers and interior designers. Due to the diverse color palette and properties of the dye it is used in stained-glass works, painting on wood and ceramics, as well as for other interior work

Before work, the marker must be activated: after opening the package, the marker must be thoroughly shaken, then turn up the tip and press it (to compensate for pressure), then turn the tip down, gently press one or more times on the rod (but not knock) until the paint will color it. Now the marker is ready to go. These markers should be stored horizontally.

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Lacquer marker with opaque pigment ink provides an opaque dense coating