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NIVOLINE AL18-32 Optical Level

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Optical level NIVOLINE ALT18-32 is an instrument for very precise measurements of elevation. Level is equipped with high quality optics which guarantee high-quality vision (clear image). Magnetic compensator allows performing measurements on unstable areas, where the tripod with level may be exposed to continuous vibration. The instrument is resistant to dust and water which allows it to work in harsh conditions - in rain or in very dusty environment. Level is intended for surveyors, road builders, construction workers, archaeologists - for all professionals who require high-precision measuring instrument and reliability.

High accuracy

Thanks to the high quality of the optical system (lunette with a magnification of 32x) level ensures accuracy of 1.5 mm per 1 km in double run. Level can be used both for construction tasks and the exacting geodetic measurements. The image in the lunette is clear and legible.

Heavy duty to working conditions, resistant to vibration

Built-in magnetic compensator automatically level the instrument. Thanks to it working in places with unstable and oscillating surface (for example on a construction site near the working heavy machinery) can be done. The equipment has a high standard water-and dust-proof (IP66).

The minimum distance from leveling staff

The equipment is designed to work with minimal target length about 0.3 m, which allows leveling the area close to the station without any need to change it.

Comfort handling

Infinite tangent screw allows you to precisely aim the level on the staff, and the spherical vial with a mirror allows you to easily and quickly level the instrument.

Stable and reliable

Metal casing and high quality components of the level ensure trouble-free operation even in harsh field conditions. After-sales TPI service provides reliable operation of the instrument for many years.

Proven and reliable equipment

Measurement equipment used on building site is subjected to the highest endurance tests. Working in dusty environments and in difficult terrain, surrounded by heavy machinery should ensure stable operation and correct measurements.

Data sheet

Optical level
Telescope length level
190 mm
Level zoom
Lens diameter level
36 mm
Compensator Type
Compensator Range
Compensator Installation Accuracy
Image type
Field of view level
1° 20'
Optical level weight
1.4 kg

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Short specifications

  • Lunette lenght - 190 mm;
  • Lens Diameter - 36 mm;
  • Zoom - 32x;
  • The minimum focal lenght - 1 m;
  • The accuracy of 1 km double run - 1.5 mm;
  • Operating temperatures - from -20°C to +50°C;
  • Protection - IP 66;
  • Weight of instrument - 1.4 kg;
  • Warranty period - 12 months.