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Topcon TP-L5B is a basic model of a tubular laser which allows to determine the direction and slope with a laser beam. The device provides quick and accurate implementation of all line works - laying pipes, curbs, cables, etc. A clearly visible red laser spot supports proper pipe laying - an activity so far difficult, time-consuming and burdened with high risk of costly corrections. Using the Topcon TP-L5B laser - very easy to use and resistant to extremely difficult working conditions (mud, water, moisture) - work can be done much faster and cheaper by eliminating most human errors.

  • Accurate pipe laying - the leveling tool precisely determines the direction, a clearly visible laser spot (range 200 m) allows you to lay pipes along the axis;
  • Protected against measurement errors - the ability to enter a code to protect against unwanted changes in laser settings during measurements by third parties;
  • Adapted to the harshest working conditions - solid, dust-proof and watertight housing, resistant, impacts, dust and water - it lasts 24 hours under water at a depth of 5 m;
  • Instantly leveling - the built-in compensator levels the instrument itself (within ± 10%) and allows it to work a moment after setting in the pipe, and the recognition warning system protects against incorrect measurements;
  • User-friendly interface - intuitive operation, remote control from the remote control, clear display with backlight function that can be used in dark wells;
  • Efficient power system - batteries provide several dozen hours of continuous operation, the ability to power the instrument directly from the car battery;
  • rich standard equipment - batteries, charger, legs, remote control, target shield - the equipment is ready to work immediately after taking it out of the suitcase without having to buy additional accessories.

Tubular Topcon TP-L5B is a modern solution that streamlines and facilitates the laying of water and sewage pipes as well as all other linear works (laying curbs, railway rails, etc.). Thanks to the highly visible, red laser dot, it allows precise pipe laying in a line. Once the leveler in the well is set, it can determine the direction of the installation up to 200 m. The instrument's operation is extremely simple - individual parameters are set using large and intuitive buttons, and their values ​​are shown on the backlit display. Thanks to this, it is possible to work even in dark wells. The leveler can be set in the pipe, on the pipe and on the tripod. Changing the inclination or direction can be done remotely using the remote control without the need to approach the instrument. The laser is extremely resistant to external conditions - the housing is protected by rubber elements that protect the device against shocks and impacts, as well as protect against water and dust penetration.

Data sheet

Light source
Visible laser, class 3R
Laser precision
± 2,4 mm / 50 m (10 ")
Working range
200 m
Self Leveling Range
± 10%
Auto target search
Power type
Working hours
80 hours (alkaline batteries) 55 hours (batteries)
Degree of protection
Operating temperature range
From -20 ° С to + 50 ° С
Laser weight
3,8 kg

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Short specifications

  • Accuracy - 10";
  • Working range - 200m;
  • Operating time - 80 hours (Alkaline batteries) 55 hours (Batteries);
  • Weight - 3.8 kg;
  • Protection class - IPX8;
  • Operating temperatures - From -20°С to + 50°C.