Robotic Total Stations

TOPCON GT-503 (EBWTM) Total Station

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TOPCON GT-503 Total Station

The GT series of robotic total stations are a trimmed down, high-performance solution that's ready to impress today, yet still grow with you into tomorrow. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long range reflectorless measurements, and the ability to perform as a hybrid positioning solution. All in a compact system that’s a third smaller and twice as fast.

UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the GT Series. You can see and hear the difference immediately. The UltraSonic motors are the fastest available in the market - at 180 degrees per second it's the smoothest and most accurate prism-tracking available.

  • Ultrasonic Direct Drive motors;
  • 30% smaller and lighter with more functionality;
  • TSshield™ global service;
  • Advanced UltraTrac technology;
  • 5 Year Guarantee;
  • Available in two models—GT-500 and GT-1000.

Set Includes:

  • TOPCON GT-503 Total Station;
  • BDC70 Detachable Li-ion Batt 7.2V 5.2Ah - 2 pcs.;
  • BATT, Charger CDC68A;
  • USB-flash memory stick;
  • Stylus;
  • Tool bag;
  • Lens hood;
  • Laser caution sign board;
  • Quick manual;
  • Manual;
  • TS manual ENG;
  • Case.

Data sheet

Tipe of total station
Robotic total station
Telescope length of total station
142 mm
Objective lens diameter of total station
38 mm
Telescope magnification of total station
Image of total station
Target pointer
Point guide system
Angle measurement accuracy
3 seconds
Distance measurement accuracy at prism
± (2 mm + 2 mm/km)
Distance measurement accuracy at sheet
± (2 mm + 2 mm/km)
Distance measurement accuracy at reflectorless mode
± (2 mm + 2 mm / km)
Measuring range at standard prism
4 500 meters
Measuring range at reflectorless mode
500 m
Type field controller
Built-in or external
Controller connection to total station
Yes (via bluetooth)
Internal memory of total station
1 Gb
Removable memory
USB flash up to 32 GB
Total station communication interface
Total station communication interface
RS232 port
Total station communication interface
Total station communication interface
Total station communication interface
TS Shield
Total station communication interface
Total station communication interface
Automatic guidance
Automatic tracking
Built-in camera
Speed of rotation
180°/ second
Total station compensator sensor
Range of compensation
Total station compensator accuracy
Total station control interface
24 keys and 4 illuminated navigation buttons
Total station control interface
Color TFT Touch, 800 x 480
Total station control interface
Single display
Total station battery type
Removable (BDC70, Li-Ion 5240 мАг)
Total station battery operation time
4 hours
Replaceable universal
Total station operating temperature
-20ºC to +50ºC
Total station ingress protection
IP 65
Total station weight
5.7 kg
Total station waranty
3 years
Motor warranty
5 year

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Short specifications

  • Accuracy - 3";
  • Prism EDM Range - 4 500 meters;
  • Non-Prism Range - 500 meters;
  • EDM Accuracy - up to 2.0 mm;
  • Memory - USB flash to 32 Gb;
  • Communications - Bluetooth, TS Shield, LongLink™, RS232, USB, Wi-Fi, GSM;
  • Battery Operation - 4 hours;
  • Dust/Water rating - IP 65.