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Map Without Limits

The eBee X is the fixed-wing drone for all your mapping needs. Designed to boost the quality, efficiency and safety of your data collection, it has a camera to suit every job, the accuracy and coverage to meet every project’s requirements, and can work virtually every type of site.

Efficient & Precise

The eBee X can meet the exacting requirements of every project. Its unique Endurance Extension unlocks a maximum flight time of 90 min—for vast coverage of up to 500 ha (1,235 ac) at 400 ft*—while its High- Precision on Demand helps you achieve absolute accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in), without GCPs.

Rugged & Reliable

The eBee X allows you to work virtually every site, no matter how demanding, thanks to its space-friendly Steep Landing technology, ultra-robust design, live air traffic data and more—all backed by senseFly’s trusted professional, local support.


The eBee X suits every job thanks to its range of groundbreaking cameras. These include the new senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D, for stunning 3D reconstructions of vertical environments, the best-in-class senseFly Aeria X RGB photogrammetry camera and the senseFly Duet T for creating geo-accurate thermal maps.

Data sheet

UAV type
Fixed wing
UAV for
UAV for
116 cm
UAV electric motor
Low-noise, brushless
UAV radio link range
3 km nominal (up to 8 km)
Camera supplied
UAV optional cameras
senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D, senseFly Aeria X, senseFly Duet T, Parrot Sequoia+, senseFly S.O.D.A., senseFly Corridor
UAV GNSS grade
Survey RTK/PPK
Absolute horizontal/vertical accuracy (w/GCPs)
Down to 3 cm
Absolute horizontal/vertical accuracy (no/GCPs)
1 - 5 m
Ground sampling distance
Depending on the camera
UAV nominal coverage
220 ha
UAV maximum coverage
500 ha
UAV cruise speed
40-110 km/h
UAV wind resistance
Up to 13 m/s
UAV maximum flight time
90 minutes with extended battery
UAV autopilot
UAV weight
1.1 kg - 1.4 kg depending on camera and battery
UAV warranty
12 months

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  • Drone Type - fixed wing;
  • Built-in GNSS - Survey class;
  • Nominal flight speed - 40-110 km/h;
  • Wind resistance - up to 13 m/s;
  • Radio range - up to 8 km;
  • Flight time - up to 90 minutes;
  • Absolute accuracy X, Y, Z - up to 1.5 cm.