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Topcon DT-209 Theodolite

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Theodolite Topcon DT-200 is the most important measuring tool on the construction site. Thanks to it you can easily and quickly determine the direction, angle or determine the drop. Thanks to its weather-resistant housing, this equipment is characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to construction work (IP66). Extremely easy and intuitive operation is ensured thanks to the display on which the measurement results are displayed. The capacious battery allows for uninterrupted operation for a minimum of 170 hours.

  • Precision of measurements - a modern horizontal wheel reading system allows you to immediately use the total station after removing it from the suitcase, and the lateral tubular vial facilitates the exact leveling of theodolite;
  • No dreadful vibrations and shocks - the presence in some models of a liquid expansion device enables work with a theodolite near heavy machinery causing ground vibrations;
  • Simplicity of use - using theodolite is extremely easy and the measurement results are displayed on the screen of the instrument also adapted to work in an inverted position;
  • Versatility of applications - for measuring angles, directions, heights, inclinations, stakes, transferring azimuths to shafts;
  • Even two weeks of work - a new, efficient power system means a minimum of 170 hours of continuous angle measurement;
  • Measurements in all conditions - all instruments are fully waterproof and dustproof (IP66 standard), so you can use them even during heavy rain.

Data sheet

Image type
Single sided with backlight
Telescope length
150 mm
Optical increase of theodolite
Theodolite lens diameter
40 mm
Theodolite accuracy
Number of screens
One screen, one keyboard
Weight of theodolite
3.4 kg
Teodolite ingress protection
IP 66
Operating temperature theodolite
From -20°C to +50°C

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Short specifications

  • Accuracy - 9";
  • Optical magnification of theodolite - 26x;
  • Lens Diameter - 40 mm;
  • Weight - 3,4 kg;
  • Protection class - IP 66;
  • Operating temperatures - from -20°C to + 40°C.