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TOPCON RL-VH4DR rotary laser

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TOPCON RL-VH4DR Rotary Laser

TOPCON RL-VH4DR Rotary Laser is a self-leveling tool used for measuring up to 1,000 feet range with a laser receiver, with a higher accuracy of ±2.0 mm/20 meters. The unit has a bubble level, as well as a plumb beam. Self-leveling within ±5° degrees, the 180-degree straight beam can be used for both indicating horizontal and vertical lines.

The RL-VH4DR laser guard can also be removed, providing a 360-degree field. With an automatic leveling feature, Topcon RL-VH4DR Laser will give you an alert if it is no longer level. It features an autoscan beam control with line drawing. Also, this rotating laser has rotating speeds of 0 and 300 rotations per minute.

Multi-Purpose Rotary laser

If you’re looking for exceptional value and more options in your construction lasers you’ve come to the right place. The Topcon RL-VH4DR Laser Series lets you pick the tool that is best for your job and your budget.

Vertical Alignment

Use the 90 degree plumb beam to easily square walls and align wall track. Simply place the optional vertical target on your line, place the RL-VH4DR at the other end, and use the manual slope buttons, or the included RC-40 Remote to center the beam on the target.


SmartScan technology by Topcon lets you draw a line of focused laser light on any surface, to any length you need. It stays there as long as you need, until you release it using the target plate.


Set up within 5 degrees of level and push the power button. RL-VH4DR features fast self-leveling (under 5 seconds) so it will be spinning and ready to go to work when you are.

RC-40 Remote Control

The RC-40 Remote Control gives you real control over your work by using radio communication giving you a 300 foot working range.

Data sheet

Rotary laser
Color laser level
Class laser level
Accuracy laser
±10.0 mm / 100 meters
Range work level
300 meters (with laser sensor)
Range of compensator level
Tilt angle (X-axis)
±10% (5°)
Tilt angle ( Y-axis)
±10% (5°)
Type of power level
Ni-MH Battery (BT-63Q 7000mAh)
Laser work time
Up to 30 hours
Level ingress protection
IP 54
Level operating temperature
-20°C - +50°C
Optical level weight
2.2 kg
5 year

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Short specifications

  • Class laser level - 3;
  • Color laser level - Red;
  • Accuracy - ±10.0 mm/100 meter;
  • Range work level - 300 m;
  • Level ingress protection - IP 54;
  • Warranty period -  5 year.