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TOPCON RL-200 1S rotary laser

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TOPCON RL-200 1S Rotary Laser

Works on both horizontal and vertical axes, the Topcon RL-200 1S Single Grade Laser is great for geopositioning, land surveying, geospatial monitoring, construction, surveying, layout, foundation and other exterior construction applications. With an accuracy of horizontal ±7 arc seconds, this offers an operating range up to 3,600 feet with a laser receiver. Also, it is auto-leveling within ±5 degrees and has a wide single grade range of -5 to +25 percent.

When using the beam masking mode, the RL-200 1S allows multiple teams doing measurements from conflicting with other readings. For more accuracy, it comes with adjustable rotation speeds of 300, 600 or 900 rotations per minute. Also, it has a height-of-instrument alert function to prevent errors and mistakes in leveling.

The Topcon RL-200 1S includes a high contrast LCD graphical display that makes it easier to track data. With an IP66 rating, this Topcon grade laser is protected from dust and water splashes. Also, it runs up  up to 100 hours with rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Data sheet

Rotary laser
Color laser level
Class laser level
Accuracy laser
±3.5 mm / 100 meters
Range work level
1100 meters (with laser sensor)
Range of compensator level
Tilt angle (X-axis)
from -5%(2) up to +25%(14°)
Tilt angle ( Y-axis)
from -5%(2°) up to +25% (14°)
Type of power level
Ni-MH Battery (BT67Q)
Laser work time
Up to 100 hours
Level ingress protection
IP 66
Level operating temperature
-20°C - +50°C
Optical level weight
3.4 kg
5 year

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Short specifications

  • Class laser level - 3;
  • Color laser level - Red;
  • Accuracy - ±1.7 mm/50 meter;
  • Range work level - 1100 m;
  • Level ingress protection - IP 66;
  • Warranty period -  5 year.